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Emergency Relief for UNF Students

Help UNF students in need

These are trying times, and many UNF students face financial instability that will have a profound impact not only on their education, but on their lives. Our Osprey community can be the difference!

Donate today and your gift will go twice as far thanks to a generous UNF donor who committed up to $50,000 to match the funds raised in support of the Relief Fund!

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Student Emergency Relief Fund

The UNF Student Emergency Relief Fund was created to help ease the financial circumstances of our most vulnerable students. Your support will help mitigate the health and economic effects these students face due to the COVID-19 crisis.

How your donations make a difference

By making a gift to the Student Emergency Relief Fund, you can make a difference in our students’ lives in a direct and immediate way, helping them through these difficult times.

Our students have shared so many stories, from single parents who have lost jobs but need to put food on the table, to first-generation college students who can't afford rent and yet have nowhere else to go. Your donation will help these students!

Why your support is imporant

While UNF is doing everything possible to make sure our students receive the help they need to thrive, the University can't remedy every situation. The UNF Student Emergency Relief Fund was created to ease the financial hardships our students face and help get them back on their feet.

We have all been affected by this pandemic in different ways - so now, let’s swoop together towards a better tomorrow!